New Author Preparing for Launch

Creating this website and claiming my domain was an important first step for me.

This was an act of affirmation, a declaration to myself and to the world that I am ready to begin life as an author.

I’m not new to writing—I’ve written short stories, DIY comic books, and played with ideas for novels since I was a child. As I grew up, I had more and more refined ideas I wanted to realize, but always had trouble committing to the process.

As a teenager and younger man, I also hadn’t seen enough, felt enough, or experienced enough to do my grand ideas any justice when it came time to write.

I’ve learned that worldliness is just as important as imagination for creating a convincing narrative, and even the most mundane of experiences can inform your writing, lending it some extra gravity.

Some of the novels I started writing during my years in college had very interesting premises, but were like coarse doodles, or blurry snapshots of something I couldn’t quite bring into focus.

Not to mention, I had been so lost in the spell of making music throughout my younger life that my primary personal goal was to become a heavy metal legend, and writing was often stashed away in the junk drawer of my mind.

Constructing virtual reality with words didn’t feel quite as sexy or immediate as playing guitar and belting my guts out, but I’ve since changed my mind about that.

Today, I’m too old and too wise for the music stardom pipe dream. That industry has been completely transformed, oversaturated, and nothing short of endless touring cycles can put food on the table.

I have a full time career that pays very well, but there is a creative fire inside of me like never before.

Since I just celebrated my 37th birthday, I figured it’s now or never regarding this writing thing.

To be fair, I don’t think anyone is too old to start writing. I think if you’ve got a story to tell, then tell it.

So, this is where I start.

What I’m Working On

I have final drafts of four short stories. Two of them are speculative fantasy, a third falls neatly into the sci-fi basket, and the fourth is a yarn entwining the supernatural with 80’s and 90’s nostalgia.

They’re pretty rad, if I do say so.

For the most part, my stories seem to pull from several of my favorite genres and hybridize in fun new ways.

The short story format is a fantastic way to wake up this dormant writing talent, and experiment with new styles and themes. I would highly recommend new writers think in a smaller scale to start.

With that said, I’m also in the process of outlining and drafting the first two chapters of a supernatural-horror novel series I conceived of years ago. The book is set in England during the Victorian period—perhaps one of the most fascinating and creepiest eras in recent history. This novel is requiring a lot of research, which I am enjoying just as much as writing and ideation.

While I’m submitting my other short fiction to publishers at the moment, I posted my short story Kaspian Tea to this website.

Have a read and let me know what you think!

With every story I write, I’m making great progress and finding my voice.

I’m making a ton of mistakes, but unearthing some gold and enjoying the dig.

There’s no better way to learn than by doing, and failing.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

My ideas are coming in torrents and I’m incredibly excited about this new journey.

Keep an eye on my blog as I have some posts coming up with things I’ve learned that may help new writers along their own odyssey.

Stay tuned to this site. and wish me luck!

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