New Sci-Fi Short Story “SCOUT” on Kindle

I just released a new Sci-Fi short read, “SCOUT”, exclusive to Kindle!

Check it out and preview by CLICKING HERE!

Cpt. Ethan Nielson’s company onboards the US Army’s second-generation SCOUT—a deadly, semi-autonomous robotic soldier—two years after the first-generation model went berserk and slaughtered its entire squadron. Nielson and his team must conduct a delicate operation alongside the powerful machine, placing their fates in the hands of the engineers who designed the “perfect soldier”.

The story is only $0.99 and can be purchased HERE for Kindle (free for Kindle Unlimited users.)

This is the first in a collection of dark Sci-Fi stories which I hope to release in 2023.

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“The perfect soldier has no knowledge of fear. He does not cling to some vain concept of self-preservation in the shadow of death. He is never slowed by fatigue, hunger, injury, or illness. He does not hesitate to execute orders, and he is able to calculate the outcomes of complex scenarios with pure indifference even under the most extreme stress. All of this sounds like a lofty ideal, but as it turns out, these are all traits of a machine.”

Cpt. Ethan Nielson – SCOUT

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