Creating Art with AI

Artists and designers have recently been flooding social media platforms like Instagram with surreal, often abstract images featuring an amazing aesthetic. These works are unlike anything any artist has ever produced before, and that's because the art is actually created by artificial intelligence. My very cursory understanding of how it works is that an AI... Continue Reading →

New Author Preparing for Launch

Creating this website and claiming my domain was an important first step for me. This was an act of affirmation, a declaration to myself and to the world that I am ready to begin life as an author. I'm not new to writing—I've written short stories, DIY comic books, and played with ideas for novels... Continue Reading →

Travel in the UK: England

Traveling to the UK has been a goal of mine for many years. At the age of 34, I applied for my first US Passport, and set my sights on Britain. Historically, members of my family have never left the United States, either due to lack of opportunity or a lack of interest in seeing... Continue Reading →

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