SCOUT is FREE (Again) this Weekend!

July 23rd-24th you can download “SCOUT” for free on Kindle!

CLICK HERE to head over to Amazon and read now.

Cpt. Ethan Nielson’s company onboards the US Army’s second-generation SCOUT—a deadly, semi-autonomous robotic soldier—two years after the first-generation model went berserk and slaughtered its entire squadron. Nielson and his team must conduct a delicate operation alongside the powerful machine, placing their fates in the hands of the engineers who designed the “perfect soldier”.

SCOUT has been steady in the Top 100 One-Hour Short Reads for Sci-fi and Fantasy since launch. Frickin’ sweet!

As always, thanks for reading, and please leave a rating or review for SCOUT. Ratings are like mana from heaven for us indie authors!

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